Car Hacks for Cleanliness

We've put together five car hacks to help you keep your ride neat and tidy

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We all know how quickly our cars can become a hot mess. We can all admit to using the same excuses of “Oh, I’ll throw this paper away later” or “I’ll clean out my cup holders next week” to put off cleaning our cars. Well, let’s be honest: The “later” and “next week” mentality can turn our cars into large (admittedly convenient) trash cans. The messiest of us here at Quoted feel your pain, so we decided to give you five awesome hacks that will keep your car clean and organized.

These 5 simple tricks will keep your ride fresh.

1. Hang a shoe organizer on the back of your seat

This hack is great for road trips, especially if you have animals or kiddos coming along for the ride. A couple of examples of things you can store in the organizer for the kids include plush toys, a coloring book and crayons, small books, or even snacks. If you’re bringing your pet along for the ride, you can store treats, leashes, any medications, and favorite toys. This organizer can also be used to store any emergency equipment you might need, like a flashlight, a map, or first-aid kit supplies such as bandages and antiseptic wipes. But remember, if you keep anything valuable inside the organizer like electronic devices or chargers, be sure to take them with you anytime you are not inside the vehicle to prevent them from getting stolen.

2. Keep cup holders clean with silicon muffin holders

So we all know about that mysterious sticky goo that ends up at the bottom of those cup holders. If you still keep your loose change in your cup holder the goo gets on your loose change, it gets on the bottom of your cup—not to mention that trying to clean it out is a gross hassle. To prevent this mess from happening, stick some silicon muffin holders in your cup holders. When it starts getting messy, you can just pop the muffin holders out, rinse them out and then pop them back in.

3. Use an empty gum container for loose change

Loose change ends up in a variety of places in our cars. It takes up room in our cup holders, it ends up on the floor, and it falls in the small spaces between our seats that we get our hands stuck in trying while to retrieve it. So take that empty gum container that you’ve been meaning to throw away and keep it as a change holder. This will prevent loose change from making a mess in your car and it will make retrieving those quarters a lot easier when you want a slurpee from 7-11.

4. Use a cereal container as a trash can

Finally an easy solution to keep your car clear of clutter from receipts and straw wrappers. Get a small plastic bag and put it inside of the cereal container, like you would a trash can, and snap the lid on top. This will keep your car clean and organized and because the cereal container is small, you won’t have to worry about it taking up too much room.

5. Clean your interior with a coffee filter and olive oil

You heard right: The equipment needed for a spiffy interior can be found inside your pantry. Because coffee filters are made up of tiny paper particles, they will soak up any lint and debris. Just dab a small amount of olive oil or vegetable on the filter and rub it all over your car’s console. It will look good as new!

We hope these five hacks will help you keep your car in tip-top shape. Got any handy car hacks up your own sleeves? Let us know in the comments.