The Top 10 Worst Drivers (in GIFs)

Can you believe you actually share the road with these people?

breaking bad jesse

You see them everywhere. They are the worst drivers on the road, and when you encounter one of them, you think: How did these people pass a driving test? Here they are, in GIF form: 10 types of drivers who are the absolute worst. (Because none of us are guilty of any of these, right? Right.)

10. The Overly Polite Driver (aka the Texan)

We can say this because we live in Texas. The “you go, no you go, no you go!” routine gets old quick, guys. We appreciate the gesture, but let’s just drive, shall we?

(OK, that move is actually kind of cool.)

9. The BBV: Big, Blinding Vehicle

We know, we know. You have a giant/fancy car and it allows you fantastic visibility. Now can you turn your damn brights off and give us a little breathing room?


8. The over- or under-reactor to the weather

Honestly, the problem is usually more the latter than the former. You don’t necessarily need to drive 10 mph because it’s raining, but you sure as hell ought to slow down, speed demon! Heed the weather gods and no one gets hurt.


7. The Turtle

Not to contradict ourselves here, but there is simply no reason to disappoint Meryl, ever. Driving well under the speed limit, except in extenuating circumstances, is unnecessary, and more than a bit irksome.


6. The Lane Weaver

The best is when you watch a lane weaver go to all. that. effort…and then pull up beside him at a red light. Here’s how driving works: Pick a lane, chill out, change only when necessary (and no hanging out in the passing lane, either.)


5. The Tailgater

We referenced this particular breed of bad driver in our post about how to avoid getting a speeding ticket, but it’s worth another mention. When in doubt, bro: Back. Up. (Plus, if you rear-end someone, it’s almost always your fault in the eyes of the law—and your car insurance company!)


4. The Scaredy Cat

Yes, sometimes you get on the road and feel surrounded by allofthecars, but no, panicking isn’t the answer. Have courage! Stay strong! We believe in you and your jalopy.


3. The Grumpy Infuriated Cat.

Dude, we know you had a hard day. Maybe, just maybe, your day was so bad that you even deserve to take it out on somebody. But please, let’s not bring bajillion-pound death machines into the picture, OK?


2. The “Guess My Next Move!” Trickster

Turning without signaling first is like peeing in the pool: You can get away with it, but that doesn’t make it right, and doesn’t mean it won’t affect those around you. Be kind, use a signal. (And avoid this.)


1. The Texter.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Leave your phone alone. You are not better than everyone else at texting and driving; nor is what you have to say more important. We see you sitting at that green stoplight, and we’re terrified that you’re allowed on the road at all. Seriously, #itcanwait.