5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Car Industry Fanatics

Halloween is up there on just about everyone’s list of favorite holidays. And with Oct. 31 fast approaching, costume inspiration lists are popping up everywhere. As you probably know, we spend a lot of time reading, thinking, and talking about the latest car industry news, so we decided to brainstorm ideas for Halloween get-ups with a Quoted-specific spin. You won’t find any typical crowd favorites in the car-centric costumes below. These off-beat, easy-to-assemble costumes will make sure you stand out in a crowd, and keep you from bumping into another version of well, yourself at a party. The best thing about DIY costumes, in our opinion? The more homemade they look, the better. So break out some sharpies or head to the nearest thrift store with full confidence. You’re guaranteed to make a grand entrance, no pre-packaged costume required.

Here are our top picks for the best auto industry related costumes for Halloween:

1. Lyft Car

a.k.a. The 5-second costume

Although they ditched their signature bright pink moustache for a smaller neon version earlier this year, those oversized furry pink carstaches are something we’re likely to associate with Lyft for years to come.

What you’ll need: A large pink moustache. That’s it.

How to take it to the next level: Carry around pink star balloons to show off your excellent Lyft driver rating. And to add some unbeatable flair to this costume, rent a Segway for the night and offer rides to your pals.

lyft driver

2. The General Insurance’s Mascot

a.k.a. The car insurance enthusiast’s costume (we know you’re out there)

Flo was so 2014. Up your costume game this year by dressing as one of the most underrated insurance mascots out there—The General.

What you’ll need: A green helmet or cap, green military style shirt, costume army medals, combat boots, long white handlebar moustache, khakis, and a Zack Morris style flip phone.

How to take it to the next level: Serenade those around you with The General’s catchy jingle.

the general mascot costume

3. Ex-Volkswagen Employee

a.k.a. The “too soon?” costume

While it might be a little premature to laugh at the Volkswagen scandal, this costume was too topical to not include in our costume idea round-up.

What you’ll need: Volkswagen shirt (bought or homemade) and a panhandling sign.

How to take it to the next level: Carry around some fabricated emissions documents. We’re not quite sure what these would look like but we imagine all you need is one of these.

ex vw employee costume

4. Food Truck

a.k.a. The foodie’s costume

If you’re anything like us, then you obsess over your food trucks. Let your obsession guide you and commit to dressing as your favorite local truck. While this costume requires some grunt work to put together, it’s more affordable and creative than buying a costume.

What you’ll need: Cardboard, tape, box cutter, paint or markers, and some general craftiness. Check out these examples to see how it’s done: here and here.

How to take it to the next level: Carry around snacks in your costume and pass them out to others throughout the night. BYOF costume, FTW!

food truck costume

5. Nikola Tesla in a Tesla

a.k.a. The world’s most expensive (yet hilarious) costume

Everyone’s favorite Austrian inventor gets a modern twist when he rolls up to the party in everyone’s favorite luxury electric vehicle.

What you’ll need: A brown moustache, a long suit jacket (preferably with a 19th-century vibe), white dress shirt, ascot, that bitchin’ parted-in-the-middle hairstyle that only Nikola could pull off, oh, and a Tesla Roadster or Model S. Nbd. If you’re short eighty grand to spare on a Tesla, you could always wear a Tesla t-shirt as part of the costume instead. Either way, your Tesla² costume is bound to win some praise.

How to take it to the next level: If you already own a Tesla then you’re set to really own this costume. And, to truly nail down Best Costume of the Night, we suggest carrying this around. (It’s the closest thing to a mini Tesla coil we could find.)

Tesla costume

Do you have any other costume ideas you think should have made our list? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy Halloween from the Quoted team!