Love in the Lyft Line

Lyft and Uber riders are finding carpool love connections

Finding love in Lyft and Uber

Dan Nainan met his current love, Amy, during a shared uberPOOL to the San Francisco airport this past summer when the two struck up a conversation in the back of the car and felt a mutual connection. Today, the happy couple will drive themselves to their Valentine’s Day date — but they admit they still frequently use the rideshare carpool service that brought them together.

Ridesharing carpool services such as the popular Lyft Line and uberPOOL are less expensive ways to use the apps, sure, but some passengers are getting even more than monetary savings from the experience of sharing their Uber and Lyft rides with a stranger. Some passengers are falling in love.

With today's carpool services, Uber and Lyft riders have found flirtation, dates, even love.

Upon first introducing uberPool in New York City in 2014, Uber pulled together an Etiquette Guide, encouraging stranger passengers to stick to neutral conversation topics, respect each other’s personal space, and even pop breath mints. (You almost have to wonder if they imagined a flirtatious scenario might ensue.) And while many folks might count being approached romantically in a confined space among their most uncomfortable nightmares, others have successfully navigated the tricky rideshare waters and found flirtation, a date or two, or even love.

We spoke to romantically inclined rideshare users and learned their stories of finding love—and expertly dodging Cupid’s arrow, when necessary—with their rideshare matches.

Lyft love

Of Love & Ridesharing

Dan and Amy’s story has a happy outcome. Dan, a comedian from New York, and Amy, a Washington D.C. resident, first started chatting in the back of their uberPOOL about their respective destinations and reasons for visiting San Francisco. Dan says he might not have had the courage to approach someone like Amy at a bar or on the street, but riding together created a situation in which they couldn’t help but strike up conversation. He felt a strong attraction right away, but simply gave his traveling companion his card, rather than put her in the hot seat by asking for her number. When Amy called him two weeks later, he was overjoyed, and, as we’ve learned, they’re still together today. As for whether or not the driver’s presence made for an awkward meet-cute, Dan says the driver mostly kept to himself. (Perhaps he could sense the budding romance?)

Some rideshare users end up having to artfully dodge overly amorous traveling companions—a task that can quickly become uncomfortable in such tight quarters. Michaela Hall tells Quoted that once, on the way to the airport, her driver came on to her. Hall says her driver asked where she lived, and hinted that he’d like an invitation to visit. Hall wasn’t interested romantically, and says that when the driver swerved and almost crashed while chatting her up, she put a firm end to the stilted courtship.

Sasha Silberberg is a professional matchmaker and a driver for Lyft in San Francisco, and she brings her enthusiasm for love along for the ride. Silberberg’s car is decked out with hearts and glittery decorations year-round, making for a festive ride. She offers her passengers chocolates and invites them to share their romantic woes as they travel. Silberberg says when she’s driving, she leaves her matchmaking business at the (car) door, but if passengers ask for love advice, she’s happy to give them tips. Silberberg hasn’t had two Lyft Line passengers find love yet (to her knowledge), but she says she’ll be driving around the clock for Lyft this busy Valentine’s Day weekend—and perhaps she’ll witness a love connection.


Could You, Too, Find Love in a Rideshare Carpool?

For everyone who’s into the idea of mining Lyft Line and uberPOOL for potential dates, we love the speed dating idea from Carmel DeAmicis at re/code. DeAmicis heard friends extolling the rideshare carpooling singles scene and wanted to get in on the action. She armed herself with get-to-know-you questions she found online, such as “What was the most terrifying moment of your life?” and “What would you change about your childhood?” She then hopped in several uberPOOL and Lyft Line rides and invited fellow passengers and drivers to go on speed dates with her during their ride. DeAmicis concluded that rideshare carpooling as a dating service is still “a numbers game,” just like online dating or chatting up people at a bar. Though she hasn’t found love through ridesharing yet, her technique is sure to generate a few good stories at the very least.

Have you met someone while using Lyft Line or uberPOOL? Tell us your love story in the comments!