A Very Zebra Halloween

scary car scene

Halloween is a Big Deal here at The Zebra. We’re generally big on any occasion to decorate, dress in quirky costumes (no, we don’t all dress up like zebras… okay, maybe a few of us do), and consume outrageous amounts of sugar (which we’ll then sorely regret come on November 1). And as such fans, we’ve already written about Halloween from an auto angle a handful of times. Here’s a Happy Zebra Halloween Quoted Roundup for your Monday:

1. Top 10 Scary Movie Car Scenes

“It’s no Halloween-style shocker that cars have played some great roles in scaring the ever-loving-hell out of people on the silver screen. Moreover, it seems that many of these scenes make for some seriously messed-up cars, from blood stains to full-on total losses.”

Viewer beware: If you’re not in the Halloween spirit after watching these, you must have a crazy-high fear threshold. A preview from “Carrie”:


2. 5 Halloween Costume Ideas for Car Industry Fanatics

“Ex-Volkswagen Employee, a.k.a. The ‘too soon?’ costume. While it might be a little premature to laugh at the Volkswagen scandal, this costume was too topical to not include in our costume idea round-up. What you’ll need: Volkswagen shirt (bought or homemade) and a panhandling sign.”


ex volkswagen employee halloween costume


3. Eyelashes for Headlights & Other Oddities in the World of Car Costumes

Bumper stickers and the occasional Jesus (or Darwin) Fish decal are usually the extent of vehicle embellishments for most drivers. But some folks take accessorizing their cars to a visually jolting level. In the spirit of Halloween, we wanted to identify some outstanding car costumes, accessories, and art cars attracting the attention of drivers and – according to The Zebra’s own insurance expert Neil – insurers.”

devil car halloween costume


4. This Statistic May Be the Scariest Thing About Halloween

“The scariest thing about Halloween, for parents and drivers alike, is that children are twice as likely to be hit by a car and killed than on any other day. For this reason, global non-profit Safe Kids has teamed up with FedEx to promote Halloween pedestrian safety. Together they have provided reflective materials to families in 159 U.S. cities and have compiled safe walking information for everyone who plans to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve.”

This great infographic makes it easy to share a quick roundup of Halloween safety with family and friends:

halloween safety infographic


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