Oh, What a Year It’s Been! Our 2016 Recap And a Look Ahead to 2017

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At The Zebra, we’re all about data. We are a tech company after all. We build technology to pore over millions and millions of insurance rates to find the best match for consumers and insurance companies, we monitor insurance trends and rate changes – we just love numbers. But we love words, too! Hence, Quoted.

So naturally, we wanted to take a look at our past year from a data POV to see what were the most interesting topics, trends and tips to you. Our 2016 recap, and a look ahead to what’s coming in the new year:

2016 Quoted Stats:

  • Total New Posts: 162
  • Total Page Views: 1,551,583

2016 Recap: What Topics Did We Write About Most This Year?

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Some of our top topics:

  1. Driverless Cars
  2. Ridesharing
  3. Rideshare Hacks
  4. Distracted Driving
  5. Buying a Car
  6. Eco-Friendly
  7. Teen Drivers
  8. New Tech
  9. Finances
  10. Data

Top 10 Posts of 2016


2016 Editor’s Picks


The Zebra started 2016 off with big news: we raised $17 million Series A funding to continue growing our business and disrupting insurance. If you’ve stuck with us for a while, you know one very important thing that makes The Zebra unique: we are all about transparency in auto insurance. We are called The Zebra, after all, and we make it a priority to make insurance black and white.



You might be familiar with the name Neil Richardson. Neil is a licensed insurance agent who’s been with The Zebra since the company’s early days – and he’s definitely not your stereotypical agent. He’s cool and relatable and bearded – and he’s here to answer any and all your insurance questions. Neil started Ask An Agent in June of this year. True to its name, Ask An Agent is a resource where people can ask Neil-the-Agent their questions about car insurance coverage or claims or funky terms. Really!



Ahh, excuse this odd cliché, but the 2016 State of Auto Insurance report was “my baby.” As previously mentioned, we’re big on data here at The Zebra. And this year, we wanted to share some of that with you. We pored over hundreds of millions of insurance rates and analyzed the key factors that impact insurance rates in every single ZIP code across the U.S. It’s a monstrous report, but has shed light on tons of trends and critical info to help consumers understand their coverage and ensure they get the best policies at the best rates. Some examples:


And finally, drones. As our own John Federico would tell you, 2016 was the “year of the drone.” We think there will continue to be big things happening with drones in 2017 – in insurance and transportation and a zillion other industries. And on that note…

What do we think will be big topics in 2017?

  • The Internet of Things will continue to connect all we own to the World Wide Web so we have information and control of it all at our fingertips.
  • The first driverless cars will be available to the general public – how that will go (and whether they’ll be owned by consumers, run by ridesharing companies, or powered by public transportation… well who knows?
  • We’ll see growth in the sharing economy and more unexpected industries finding a way to stay modern.

For that, and all other things insurance, technology, cars, personal finance, and more, hang out with us here at Quoted. (You can subscribe here.)

See ya in the new year!