What’s So Great About Tesla’s X-Ray Vision?

tesla's x-ray vision
Tesla Autopilot Human Collision Avoidance (Photo: Teslarati)

Back in September, Tesla released their Version 8.0 update for the company’s autopilot system, allowing their cars to see through vehicles and avoid unforeseen collisions – with both cars and pedestrians. While Tesla’s “X-ray vision” of sorts is the cutting edge of current driverless car technology, there is still a segment of the population concerned with the mass adoption of autonomous vehicles. Whether you’re on the side of technologically progressive transportation or maintaining the status quo, video has given us some stellar looks at both sides of the aisle that we can all appreciate.

Elon Musk with Tesla Model 3
Elon Musk with Tesla Model 3


Do you trust driverless technology enough to offer yourself as a test dummy?

driverless oops


Or do real drivers scare you even worse?

highway oops


Who wouldn’t want to just relax instead of competing for a parking spot?

driveless park


Of course, hurtling down the interstate at highway speeds without a driver still gives me the creeps.

driverless car highway


On a positive note, driverless cars will likely cut down on jerks in traffic.



On the other hand, there is something to be said for off-road capability.

van jump


Driverless car or not, we’ll probably still have to look before crossing the road.

ped close call


Stay safe out there!