#ZebraChat on April 4: Distracted Driving Awareness Twitter Chat

zebrachat Distracted Driving Awareness Twitter Chat

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Here at Quoted, we’ve written about this highly dangerous behavior in great detail. Here are four from our archives:

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You might think this is solely a millennial issue, but nope. Parents are more distracted by their phones while driving than their teens, and it turns out that cell phone use while driving is a behavior teens learn from mom and dad.

Aceable and the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI) surveyed over 1,200 teen drivers. Teens reported that 75% of parents/guardians drive while distracted — 62% responded that cell phone use was the main culprit for this behavior, followed by eating (8%), and grooming/applying make up (less than 3%). (Read the study right here.)

The Governors Highway Safety Association reports that 46 states have banned texting and driving. Yet, we still continue to see horror stories of deadly wrecks in our newsfeeds over and over again. Maybe it’s poor judgment. Maybe it’s cell phone addiction. Or, maybe it’s the lack of financial consequences. Whatever the excuse is, it’s never a good one. Don’t drive distracted!

In an effort to increase public awareness of the dangers of distracted driving, The Zebra has made the topic our focus for our monthly Twitter Chat. We’d like to invite you to join in on the conversation and share your stories, observations, and thoughts on possible solutions to stop this behavior once and for all. (Plus, you could win an Amazon gift card! See below.)

April #ZebraChat Details:

When: Tuesday, April 4 at 2 p.m. CT

Topic: Distracted Driving Awareness

Hosted by: The Zebra and Neil Richardson

Featured Guests: @Aceable@NSCsafety, @TeensDriverSeat

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ZebraChat to participate. Join our chat rooms on tchat.io or #TweetChat to keep up with the discussion.

April #ZebraChat participants will be entered to win a $25 Amazon gift card. Winners will be randomly selected at the end of the chat. #ZebraChat participants must also be following @TheZebraCo to win.

About Our #ZebraChat Featured Guests

Aceable is the first-ever mobile app for state-approved drivers ed and defensive driving courses. Their all-in-one classes are self-paced, affordable, and prepare students to be safe drivers.

The National Safety Council, founded in 1913, eliminates preventable deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy. This non-profit organization created Distracted Driving Awareness Month to draw attention to the epidemic and empower drivers to put safety first and Just Drive.

Teens in the Driver Seat (TDS) is a peer-to-peer safety program for young drivers. Over the past 15 years, 1,250 schools have implemented the Teens in the Driver Seat® program, reaching nearly one million teens in junior high schools across Texas, Georgia, Nebraska, Colorado, and 33 other states.

April #ZebraChat Questions: Distracted Driving Awareness

Q1a.) What are some of the worst distracted driving behaviors you’ve witnessed (or are guilty of) on the road?
Q1b.) Do you consider holding your phone to use a map “distracted driving?” What about using it when stopped at a red light?
Q2.) Why do you think the dangers of distracted driving aren’t taken seriously?
Q3.) Do you know of, or use, any apps or tools to prevent distracted driving?
Q4.) 46 states have already banned texting while driving. Should legislators consider enacting other laws?
Q5.) Should phone makers step in and use text-blocking technology to prevent someone from using their device while driving?
Q6.) A cell phone/texting violation may only raise insurance rates by 2% but DUIs 80%. Should companies increase penalties?
Q7.) What are some ways people can commit to not using phones while driving?
Q8.) What are some ways we can educate drivers on the importance of safe driving habits?

New to Twitter Chats? Here’s How to Participate

We’ll share a series of numbered questions (Q1, Q2, Q3, etc.). Share your reply with “A” and the question number. Don’t forget to use the #ZebraChat hashtag, so we can find your response.

For example: If you’re responding to Q1, you might reply:
A1a I haven’t seen this myself, but my friends have seen drivers with bowls of cereal! ? #ZebraChat

It’s that easy! After the chat we’ll share some highlights of the conversation.

Mark your calendars, and join us next week as we talk about the dangers of distracted driving.