Texts from Dads: Driving Advice Edition

A Collection of the Funny, Practical and Heartwarming Tips From Dads

dad texts

What’s the best driving advice you ever got from Dear Old Dad?

A lot of us learned to drive with our dad in the passenger seat, coaching us along (even if he was gripping the door handle till his knuckles were white). Dad is the go-to advice giver for many things, and this Father’s Day, we secretly put our dads’ auto knowledge to the test by texting them out of the blue to get their nuggets of car wisdom. The results made us laugh, think, and be thankful for their ever-wise driving advice! And we’ve got the screenshots to prove it.

#1. “There’s no place like home” dad

#2. Cosmetically concerned dad


#3. Old school dad

#4. Patient-as-a-saint dad

#5. Superhero dad