June #ZebraChat: Mid-year Financial Checkup

ZebraChat | Mid-Year Financial Checkup

Okay, we know most people aren’t thinking about New Year’s Resolutions this far along. In fact, 80% of people give up on their New Year’s Resolutions by the second of week February. Yikes!

Back in January, we hosted our first #ZebraChat where we discussed New Year’s Financial Resolutions. Now, six months in, we want to check in on how everyone is doing. Don’t worry. We’re not here to shame anyone. Instead, we want to offer an opportunity to share wins, challenges, and opportunities for improvement. Who knows? You might even feel inspired to pick it up again or double down on your goals.

Didn’t join us for #ZebraChat six months ago? No problem. We want to hear about your personal finance goals and how they’re coming along, too. The more (chat participants) the merrier!

Here are the details of our June #ZebraChat:

When: Friday, June 30 at 11 a.m. CT

Topic: Mid-year Financial Checkup

Hosted by: The Zebra and Neil Richardson

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ZebraChat to participate. You can also join one of these chat rooms to keep track of the conversation.

Optional Chat Rooms: tchat.io or TweetChat

June #ZebraChat Questions: Mid-year Financial Checkup

Q1.) Did you make a New Year’s Financial Resolution? If so, what is it?
Q2.) Be honest: How’s it going?
Q3.) Have you tweaked your goal based on the progress you’ve made so far? Or are you pushing through?
Q4.) What have you found the most challenging?
Q5.) What have you found the most rewarding?
Q6.) Are there any apps/resources you’ve come across that have been helpful?
Q7.) Do you have a support network (family, friends, online groups) to help stay on track?
Q8.) How do you plan to stay motivated these next 6 months?
Q9.) Let’s end on a positive note! What are you most proud of in your financial resolution journey?

New to Twitter Chats? Here’s How to Participate

We’ll share a series of numbered questions (Q1, Q2, Q3, etc.). Share your reply with “A” and the question number.

If you’re joining us via Twitter, don’t forget to use the #ZebraChat hashtag so we can find your response. If you’re joining us via one of the chat rooms, the hashtag will automatically be added to the end of your response.

For example: If you’re responding to Q2, you might reply:

A2 Eh. So so. I haven’t stayed on top of it like I should have. #ZebraChat


A2 I’m doing awesome! I’ve already reduced my debt by 25%. On my way to 50%. #ZebraChat

And that’s all it is!

After the chat, we’ll share a post recapping the conversation and share chat highlights as well.

So mark your calendars! We look forward to revisiting your New Year’s financial resolutions.