August #ZebraChat: The Latest in InsurTech

August #ZebraChat - Insurtech

InsurTech (insurance tech or InsureTech) is, simply put, technology in the insurance industry. In recent years, it’s made headlines due to industry disruptors like The Zebra, Lemonade (home and renters insurance), and Oscar (health insurance). But InsurTech is more than just a change in how insurance is distributed and purchased. There’s a lot more to it, which is why “The Latest in InsurTech” is the topic of our next #ZebraChat.

Several other tech innovations are transforming industries across the board – the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and autonomous vehicles are just a few examples. How will these shape and change the insurance industry? How will these impact business models? How does these innovations benefit consumers? Or, are these just fads that will come and go? We’ll explore all of these questions and more in our next #ZebraChat, so join us!

Here are the details of August’s #ZebraChat:

When: Tuesday, August 22 at 2 p.m. CT

Topic: The Latest in InsurTech

Hosted by: The Zebra and Neil Richardson

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Confirmed Guests

Jay Weintraub is an early digital marketer who transformed a deep domain expertise and a passion for thoughtful connecting into what is today a portfolio of industry defining summits. He is the founder of InsureTech Connect, a conference that brings together the largest, most focused, and relevant gathering of insurance tech entrepreneurs, investors, and industry executives. Launched in 2016, more than 3,000 will attend the second annual event in October 2017. Weintraub is also the founder of and

Metromile is a new model of car insurance (pay-per-mile) and a smart driving app that helps drivers optimize their trips, saving customers money.

Apliant is an integrated on-demand platform that empowers insurance agents with a simplified workflow and enhances the consumer experience.


This list will be updated as we receive more confirmations. Joining us for the chat? Tweet to @TheZebraCo to let us know, and we’ll add you to our list. 

August #ZebraChat Questions: The Latest in InsurTech

Q1.) What is InsurTech?
Q2.) Why do you think InsurTech has made headlines recently? (Think IoT, AI, VR, auto/home tech, etc.)
Q3.) What trends in InsurTech are overblown or overhyped, in your opinion?

(Question 4 is a series of questions focusing on specific technologies. Expect some follow-up questions and discussion.)
Q4a.) IoT: Is it making a positive impact for consumers? Why or why not?
Q4b.) The popularity of drones is skyrocketing! What are some innovative ways insurers are utilizing drones?
Q4c.) Artificial intelligence: How are insurers taking advantage of it?
Q4d.) Autonomous vehicles: How is the insurance industry preparing for this new tech?

Q5.) With new tech often comes more data. Is more data beneficial, risky, or both?
Q6.) Finally, let’s be real. Insurance is a confusing topic. How can we use InsurTech to improve consumer education?

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Mark your calendars! Join us on August 22 as we discuss the latest in InsurTech.