We sat down with Ms. Mindy Green, of Morgan State University as part of our professional preparedness series. If you’re graduating with a degree in business, and you’re not quite sure what options are out there for you, then take a look at our interview with Ms. Green and see if being an auto insurance claims investigator/adjuster might be for you!

Growing up, did you always want to be an insurance adjuster?

The answer is a BIG no. Actually one of the things I always tell people is that no one grows up wanting or dreaming about being a Claim Adjuster. You fall into the work because it’s incredibly interesting, and you start making good money.

What did you study at college and why?

I went to college and earned a Bachelors in Marketing. Later on I earned a CPCU designation, which is like earning a Masters in Insurance. I chose Marketing because it was the most versatile of the business majors, and could be used in any field of work.

What made you eventually choose to become an insurance adjuster/investigator?

I became an Adjuster because the job I had fresh out of college in personal finance didn’t pay enough. I needed a way to pay my bills without keeping a part time job. The Adjuster job offered a 20% increase and seemed like a fun challenge.

What are some day-to-day operations/tasks you do in your job?

As an adjuster, your day is spent on the phone talking to customers, body shops, tow lots, damage appraisers, rental car companies, service departments, attorneys, medical providers and police departments. You also have to determine fault for the accidents and negotiate settlements for auto and personal injury.

Are internships necessary to be hired in the field?

No internship is required but a lot of insurance companies do offer internships. However, to be an adjuster you usually just have to pass assessment tests.

What are you future professional aspirations?

My career spanned 20 years and I had the benefit of being the Claim Rep, the Auto Damage Appraiser and then was promoted into Management. I recently left to pursue my personal passion.

What’s the best thing about being a claims adjuster or working in the insurance industry?

You help people get back on their feet after a car accident, hurricane, tornado or flood. Plus, you learn everything about cars, the law, and insurance. It can be very rewarding!

What’s one trend currently evolving in the insurance field?

One trend is writing estimates of damage from photos. Customers can submit pictures instead of a Damage Appraiser physically seeing the car and assessing the damage. 

Any other tips or tricks for young students?

I would suggest giving a career in claims two years, then step back and decide is this what you want long term. Don’t stay longer than five years, if you see yourself doing something else. It can be fun but it’s a very specific occupation.