Christmas at The Zebra: Family Traditions

For all the good Shebras and Hebras here at The Zebra, Christmas is one of our most favorite holidays. As a treat, we’ve asked some of our employees their favorite Christmas traditions. Ava Lynch, our Content Strategist, remembers Christmas dinners as an especially good time.

“My dad and I love to drink Boiler Makers while prepping Christmas dinner. My paternal grandpa apparently really liked them and so we would drink them while we cooked. You do it the right way and drop the shot in and chug the beer. It was a fun way to bond with my dad and remember my grandpa.”

That’s so sweet, Ava!

If you want to make your Christmas this year Zebra-approved, this is how you make a Lynch family Boilermaker.

Lynch Family Boilermaker

  1. Take down your favorite Christmas stein and pour in a red or amber ale. Nothing too heavy because you don’t want to ruin your dinner!
  2. Pour your dad’s Jameson whiskey into your mom’s elf-shaped shot glass.
  3. This is the most critical step to making it a Zebra-family Christmas! Drop the shot of whiskey into the beer and chug! 

Now what are your favorite holiday family traditions? Tell us below or let us know at @TheZebraCo on twitter!