How to Hack Your New Year’s Eve Driving Dilemma

New Year's Eve is the Best—but dealing with arranging driving or rides is the worst. We've got five totally great ideas to get you out of the hassle and into a celebratory mood—just in the nick of time.

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There’s nothing that can dampen a festive New Year’s Eve soiree like the knowledge that either a.) you can’t have a few drinks because you’ve got to get yourself home safely or b.) you might be paying anywhere from two to 10 times more for that Uber ride than you normally would thanks to surge pricing. So what’s a sparkle-bedecked reveler to do? We’ve got four great ideas for how to hack your New Year’s pesky driving problem—consider it one last holiday gift to you, from Quoted. We love you, too.

Avoid Uber’s Peak Times

Truth is, Uber and Lyft are incredibly good bets for New Year’s Eve rides—and that’s why thousands of other folks around town will also be using them, sending prices skyrocketing. Uber sent out an email today outlining exactly when their surge prices will likely be highest, so that you can (theoretically) plan accordingly. We know things don’t always work out quite that way, but if it’s possible to head to a party at 7:30 instead of 8:00 or duck out of the festivities just after the ball drops instead of at 2:00 a.m., why not plan on it?

User's estimated peak times for New Year's Eve.
User’s estimated peak times for New Year’s Eve.

Also, don’t forget about Surge Protector, the app that can help you navigate Uber’s Surge Pricing.

Use Public Transportation

No, really. Many cities (including the Zebra’s hometown of Austin, Texas) make public transportation options free on New Year’s Eve in order to encourage safe transportation. CapMetro, for example, is extending late-night services and making all rides free after 6 p.m. tonight. Check with your state or city’s department of transportation to see what options are available—it might be worth the wiggling in your schedule to score a free, safe ride.

Hire a Designated Driver

Don’t want to make one of your friends take on the designated driver responsbilities this New Year’s? Consider hiring one ahead of time. It’s a bit pricier than the other options listed here, but there are services like BeMyDD that, to the tune of $14-$19 an hour, will drive you around like you’re kind of a big deal (and aren’t you, really?). That same company also offers a $25 car pickup service, where a driver gets you and your car home safely—a perfect option if you’ve unexpectedly had a bit too much, and, we think, totally worth $25 (plus mileage).


Call AAA’s Tispy Tow

The sweethearts over at AAA sponsor a complimentary service on New Year’s Eve and the Fourth of July that offers free rides and a free tow. So you’ve found yourself tipsy at a swinging shindig but don’t want to leave your car behind? AAA can help. And, the service is available for members and non-members alike. The catch? The service is only available for up to 10-mile jaunts, so only rely on it if you’re not planning on heading far from home this New Year’s.

No matter what, make a driving plan for tonight. You can leave the possiblities of 2015 up to the fates, but don’t take this risk—it’s just not worth it.