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We’re so glad you’re here. Quoted, a publication of The Zebra, aims to be your one-stop shop for understanding and keeping up with all things auto insurance. In other words, our editorial team thinks about car insurance so you don’t have to. At Quoted, this team will author original pieces and crunch original data, providing a new voice that talks car insurance in a language you can actually understand. We will offer you:

  • Advice. When it comes to carinsurancehacks, we’ve got a team of licensed insurance agents at our disposal, which means their expert opinions are also all yours. Looking for a way to lower your rate? Not sure if a cop will accept your digital insurance card? We’ve got you covered.

  • Data. Thanks to The Zebra’s innovative comparison platform, we have access to a data-set that will help us identify and illustrate trends in the industry—and break open some long-held myths, while we’re at it.

  • News. Whether it’s industry news or a new stat on texting and driving, we’ve got our eyes on the presses 24-7. We won’t miss a beat.

  • Fun. Because who can argue with fun?

Quoted thinks about car insurance so you don't have to.

We’re passionate about our work with The Zebra because we believe consumers should have the power to choose the right auto insurance coverage for them—outside of the influence of the noisy advertising landscape created by giant insurance companies. The Zebra is the ultimate #lifehack for car insurance, and it’s our goal to make Quoted an extension of that—helpful, direct, and never boring.

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The Quoted Team

  • Jaime, we have a volunteer faculty on our Virtual University that represent the best insurance minds in the country. Feel free to call on us.

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      Thanks, Bill! We’ll be in touch.