Super Bowl Ads 2015: The Winners & Losers

We all know that ads are one of the best parts of the American Super Bowl tradition. And, because we love cars (and car insurance) so much, we've rounded up the best car commercials from Super Bowl XLIX.

Football stadium

As you may be well aware, the 49th Super bowl commenced yesterday evening—complete with Katy Perry, roughly twelve million fireworks, and a fourth-quarter brawl. But the game isn’t all we were tuned in for. According to a Nielsen survey, a whopping fifty-one percent of viewers reported enjoying the ads that run throughout the Superbowl more than the game itself. So, for this commercial-loving majority (and even you football junkies), we’ve compiled all of the car ads, plus the three car insurance commercials, from this year. From the Tortoise and the Hare to a Fiat on Viagra, there’s sure to be something for everyone in this hilarious and thought-provoking batch.

The Car Insurance Companies

Nationwide: (Or as we overheard on Twitter, “Nation-why?!”)

In this baffling spot, Nationwide explores all the life events a young boy will never get to experience—because, as he explains himself, he died from a preventable accident. Terribly sad, no? Many critics thought the spot missed the mark, but Nationwide defended the choice, saying they wanted to “start a conversation” about safety and prevention.

Progressive: Talkative Marshawn Lynch Loves Flo

In this dry, mock-interview spot, Lynch plays a game of word association with the interviewer, answering each of his questions with a simple “yeah”, until Kenny gets to “car insurance”, at which point Lynch pops alive and articulates his respect for Progressive and his admiration for Flo. In Quoted’s humble opinion, the full spot has a better effect than its clipped version, which ran during the game.

Esurance: Lindsay Lohan and Bryan Cranston are “Sorta You”

Esurance nabbed two giant names for their spots this year — both Lindsay Lohan and Bryan Cranston star in spots where they’re “sorta” like the people their co-actors were expecting to see. “Sorta you isn’t you” is the tagline, but at least at the party Quoted attended, the initial excitement of Bryan Cranston in full Breaking Bad gear was deflated a bit by the commercial’s murky concept. It’s clever enough, but not quite funny.

The Cars

1. Mercedes-Benz: Fable

Mercedes-Benz slotted this ad after leaking a series of teasers to hype their commercial, including hashtag #TheBigRace to generate online buzz. “Fable” features the Tortoise and the Hare in classic fable form, with one exception: after hopping into his very own Benz, Tortoise is riding in style, surpassing the Hare and making new the fable’s lesson that slow and steady wins the race. Now, it’s “the best or nothing”.

2. Toyota: How Great I Am

In Toyota’s powerful ode to triumph, Sochi medalist Amy Purdy dances, snowboards, bikes, and struts to the iconic words of Muhammad Ali. Toyota reminds viewers everywhere to reflect on and join in sharing #OneBoldChoice.

3. Toyota: To Be A Dad

To Be A Dad pulls at the heartstrings as the first of Toyota’s ads that aired during the pre-game. Toyota partnered with some of the great dads of professional football for a heart-to-heart about their own fathers, and the ways they approach parenting. Toyota once again prompts viewers to weigh in on fatherhood using the hashtag #OneBoldChoice— “Here’s to those who choose to be dads.”

4. Nissan: With Dad

Another hard-hitter honoring dads, this Nissan ad from their #WithDad campaign follows a family through the years as they work through hardships to achieve togetherness.

5. BMW: Newfangled Idea

BMW throws it all the way back to 1994 with this tongue-in-cheek play on the past. Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel explore this “newfangled” totally electric SUV: the i3 by BMW.

6. Kia: The Perfect Getaway

Kia debuts its new Sorento with Pierce Brosnan’s agent pitching him a not-so-thrilling “action-adventure” part. Turns out, a new sort of #PerfectGetaway can be just as exciting.

7. Lexus: Make Some Noise

Lexus introduces its new NX Turbo and hybrid. #MakeSomeNoise is emblazoned with quick frames backed with actual NX sounds that gives it a young, edgy vibe. With these punching images and sounds, Lexus creates a call to action: Be Seen, Be Heard.

8. Jeep: Beautiful Lands

This thought-provoking and touching ad offers an exploration of the globe with incredible shots from all around the world. With their introduction of the Jeep Renegade, Jeep reminds us that The World Is A Gift, and to Play Responsibly.

9. FIAT: The FIAT Blue Pill

A serious knee-slapper (and quite possibly Quoted’s personal favorite of 2015’s Super bowl ads), Fiat takes the little blue pill to their new 500x Crossover. Featuring an eager Italian man that loses his medicine at an incredibly inopportune time and the new Fiat, we learn that this 2016 model is “Bigger, Better, and Ready for Action.” But this commercial begs the question: if the Fiat doesn’t return to its normal size in four hours…should we bring it to a mechanic?

10. Dodge: Wisdom

Dodge celebrates 100 years with this fun and gritty ad by imparting upon us some #DodgeWisdom. As the shot opens, we learn some great one-liner wisdom from a group of people who have lived life to the fullest—about 100 years worth of life, to be exact. As the ad goes on, we learn that there’s more to them than meets the eye.

As you can see folks, it was a great, if timid, year of ads. These car companies made us laugh, made us cry, and everything in between. Which ones were your favorite?