Valentine’s Day and Car Insurance: A Love Story

If you’re in the market for something truly romantic this Valentine’s Day, look no further than your car insurance policy. That’s right, John Donne and taxes step aside—the new trend in unlikely romance is here.

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In our post-everything-almost-before-it-happens world, this February 14th you may think you have to out-flash the next guy or gal, but for those of you wondering how you’ll chill all those giant bottles of champagne, or how to feed that many doves, fear not: here at Quoted, we have the perfect alternative—a simple, clear statement of love and commitment (that just so happens to be good for you, too). Bet you never thought your car insurance policy could be used to woo, but we’re here to tell you how.

Car Insurance Is Romantic

If you’re recently married and you and your spouse haven’t yet gotten around to figuring out your car insurance policies, consider this: married couples almost always see a savings of 10-12 percent, even if they maintain separate policies—so call and update your info with your carrier, and get that extra bottle of regularly-sized champagne at dinner.

Not all married folks need to be on the same policy, so if you’re trying to decide whether you should maintain your own or not, the first thing you’ll want to do is call both companies. Ask them what discounts they offer married couples who combine policies and insure multiple cars. Price isn’t everything, though: Consider the services offered by both companies as well as the insurance needs of both you and your spouse.

Let your insurance company pay for that extra bottle of champagne at dinner.

For those unmarried lovebirds sharing the shelter of one single bed: Many auto insurance companies now give equal benefits to married and co-habiting customers, including same-sex partners, so it’s worth your while to check. If you live together but aren’t ready to commit to one shared policy, in most cases you’ll want to add your Valentine to your policy, and vise-versa. The reason: though all policies have a permissive use clause—called an “omnibus clause” for you Latin-loving romantics—meaning if you give permission to someone to drive your car, your insurance will cover any damages, in many states coverage is reduced if the driver involved in a wreck isn’t listed on your policy. Even if you’re not living together, if your partner drives your car a lot, it’d be prudent of you to add them to your policy—and they’ll love the statement doing so makes. The one big caveat here is if your beloved’s driving record doesn’t shine as brightly as their soul. In that case, you may want to stick to the chocolate and flowers for now.

The Best Valentine’s Day Gift

To you skeptics who think card-slinging corporations invented Valentine’s Day we say: this year, go ahead and celebrate without the cheese (but not without the wine). Forgo the card (if you must) in favor of a lasting statement demonstrating your commitment and responsibility—add your sweetheart to your car insurance policy to show the love you feel. Because the truth is, everyone needs a feather in their proverbial relationship-cap once in a while, even if the glitter and hearts of the impending mid-winter holiday don’t do it for you.

And if you’re single—show a little self-love and perhaps spend some time window-shopping other carriers (our quick and easy quote calculator will leave you plenty of time for any actual window shopping you might have in mind) and put the cash you save toward something special, just for you.

So no matter how or with whom you choose to spend this Saturday, updating your car insurance policy info is always a smart idea, because nothing kills romance like an improperly insured car accident. And take it from us: Attention to such details can only improve your game.