Let Waze Play Cupid

The Community Traffic App has a Romantic Trick Up Its Sleeve this Holiday

couple on bikes

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you are freaking out trying to plan something special for your special someone, right? Well you can take a deep breath and calm down because Waze is playing Cupid this Valentine’s Day and has taken care of everything for you.

Don’t remember Waze? It’s the free, community-based navigation app that allows users to arrive at their destination safely while saving time and money. Live driver-generated maps and real-time traffic allow Waze to have a social element to it as well. Drivers (or the Waze community) are able to communicate to one another about everything that is happening on the road, from traffic jams to police traps. Connecting with other drivers allows driving communities to work together and find the best route for everyone.

Waze asked users to share the love this Valentine’s Day by sharing their favorite romantic spots throughout their own hometowns. Romantic destinations in cities all around the globe have been collected into the Waze app and now your day can be planned in just a few clicks. All you have to do is open your Waze app and enter ‘Love’ into the search box to find romantic places near you. Even easier than that, you can just search for the heart shaped pins on your live map.


You can even share your drive with that special someone so they can meet you at your romantic destination. So, get excited for the big day because it is now stress and hassle free. With just a click of a few buttons you’re on your way to an evening to remember.

So, this Valentine’s Day, will you let Waze take control of your wheel and help you find romance?