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I’m Alyssa Connolly, editor for Quoted, your source for all things insurance, technology and finance – in black and white.

As you can tell, Quoted is not your traditional news outlet, nor is it a company blog or a resource center. Here, you will find news and how-to’s, perspective and trends, original research, editorials, and plenty more.

Quoted is independently published and operated by The Zebra, the nation’s most visited car insurance comparison marketplace. Drivers use The Zebra’s powerful technology to compare real quotes from more than 200 insurance companies for free. Learn more.

What makes The Zebra especially unique is that we are independent and unbiased. We have no stake in which insurance company you choose – we just want to make sure it meets your needs. We’re advocates for consumers, prioritizing education and transparency throughout the insurance industry.

That’s where Quoted comes in. We know insurance can be a complex and murky beast, so we want to answer your questions and shed light on trends and issues as they affect your life, your car, your home, and your family. We focus especially on how technology is changing our world, and important issues affecting your personal finances.

You’ll also see a bit of our personality shine through. We’re all real people and real consumers like you – say what?! So if you see fantastic dad jokes like mine above… don’t say we didn’t warn ya!

And feel free to join in on the fun. (Why yes, I did just say insurance, technology and finance was FUN. Get on my level!) If you have feedback, leave it in the comments! If you have questions, ask! (Notice my buddy Neil’s Ask an Agent sidebar… yes, it’s really Neil responding to you!) And finally, if you want to spark a dialogue about important issues, do itttt. The only thing we ask is that you maintain a respectful exchange of ideas and comments, please.

And with that, I bid you happy reading.


Alyssa Connolly, Editor