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insurance awareness

Survey: Americans in the Dark about Car Insurance

“What you don’t know can’t hurt you...”... is an entirely false statement in the world of auto insurance.Car insurance is essential, and not...
busy street cross walk

Does Your Credit Score Affect Your Car Insurance Rate?

You know you need good credit to take out a loan, a mortgage, or your friend with expensive taste. But do you understand how...
insurance affordability study

Study: Find Out If Car Insurance Is “Affordable” Where You Live

A new insurance affordability study from the U.S. Federal Insurance Office reported that car insurance is “unaffordable” for about 10 percent of U.S. zip...
route-based insurance technology

How the Neighborhoods You Drive through Could Soon Affect Your Car Insurance

Ever put much thought into the series of highways and streets you take to work, school, or the grocery store? (Other than whether it’s...
state of auto insurance

Welcome to Data Heaven: Introducing The 2016 State of Auto Insurance Report

Drumroll please…Today, The Zebra introduces to you, fine readers, our first annual State of Auto Insurance Report!Did you ever wonder how much a speeding...

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