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bird vs lime scooters

Lime vs Bird Scooters: How Do They Work?

Overnight, they appeared. They may have rattled some cages, but it seems Bird and Lime scooters could be here to stay. Electric scooters have...
car insurance for veterans

Settling Down After Life in the Military

According to the Pew Research Center, 44 percent of the veterans who served after September 11, 2001, have found that the transition back to...
scholarship 2019

The Zebra “Show Off Your Stripes” 2019 Scholarship

The Zebra is the leading car insurance comparison marketplace in the U.S. We've achieved our successes because everyone on our team brings their individual...
who pays more for car insurance: democrats or republicans

Who pays more for car insurance in 2018: Democrats or Republicans?

Nothing is certain, except for life, death, and taxes — if you’ll excuse the paraphrase. While Republicans might disagree with that last bit, we’d...
car wreck

Professional Auto Claims Adjuster – Mindy Green

We sat down with Ms. Mindy Green, of Morgan State University as part of our professional preparedness series. If you're graduating with a degree...

The 2018 Show Off Your Stripes Scholarships Winner!

The Zebra is thrilled to announce the winner of the first "Show Off Your Stripes" scholarship. We asked college-bound students to send a video...
oregon car insurance

Oregon Car Insurance Unaffected by Rapid Gentrification

No one would be surprised to hear that Portland — and the state of Oregon as a whole — has undergone substantial low-income displacement...
woman talking with car salesman as she gets into the driver seat

Study: 76% of Americans favor appearance over reliability in a new car

No matter if we're driving a sleek sports car or a no-frills sedan, our vehicles typically serve a common function: to get from point...

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