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Blue car driving down a sunny street lined with greenery and trees

What Does It Mean to Be a “Good Driver” in America?

Are you a good driver? The majority of Americans say they are.Most American drivers believe their skills are above average (according to an Allstate survey)....

21 Tips for a Purrfect Road Trip with Your Pet

Chances are, your furry friends’ ears perk up at the mere mention of, “Wanna go for a ride?” But those rides can be filled...
man looking at his phone while driving

Which City Has the Most Reckless Drivers? [New Data]

Each year, the number of reckless driving incidents reported in the United States grows. And since most Americans rely on a vehicle each day,...
Teen girl driving in car with window down

Parents’ Guide To Car Insurance For Teens

Children experience many important milestones throughout their young lives: speaking their first words, taking that first step, losing their first tooth. And while simultaneously...
prevent bike theft

Prevent Bike Theft: What to do Before, During, and After

When we experience serious loss, panic takes over and everything can seem like a blur. Your mind goes blank, and without a plan, finding...
understanding rideshare

One on One: A Chat with the Rideshare Guy, Harry Campbell

Rideshare, one of our favorite topics here at The Zebra, has (in a word) exploded. According to a recent report by Intuit, it has...
eco friendly car wash

How to Have an Eco Friendly Car Wash with DIY Alternatives

It’s never too early (or late) to start teaching your kids how to make sustainable decisions, especially when it comes to the little things....
hurricane hacks: rainy work zone highway

Hurricane Hacks – How to Drive Safe Before, During, and After a Natural Disaster

When Hurricane Harvey left its path of devastation across Texas and the neighboring states, one of the lesser known side effects was all of...

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