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insurability score

Introducing the Insurability Score: Your Insurance Risk Decoder

Today, The Zebra debuted the Insurability Score™, a personalized calculation which reveals to drivers what is affecting their insurance risk, by how much, and...
can your friend drive your car on a road trip

Car Insurance for First-Time Drivers: 6 Things You Should Know

A driver’s license is more than just permission to take to the open road. To many, including first-time drivers, it means freedom, independence, and...
deer crossing road posing danger to car

8 Things You Didn’t Know Your Car Insurance Covers

As a licensed insurance agent, I’ve been asked time and again what car insurance covers and why it’s necessary. It can be difficult for...
two cars parked by yellow garage

Study: Poor Credit Will Cost You Double for Car Insurance

Most folks consider credit a crucial factor in determining what they pay for home mortgages and other big life expenses, but far fewer people know how significantly your...
Coins and dollars spread on table

Car Insurance Discounts: Fact vs. Fiction

Insurance is the costliest car-related expense for drivers after the vehicle itself (recently surpassing gas), so it’s no surprise that consumers seek discounts to...
when you graduate, its time to switch car insurance companies

6 Times to Switch Car Insurance Companies

Do you know when you should switch car insurance companies? The New Year prompts reflection and, for many of us, offers the opportunity for a...
computer work

Top 5 Reasons to Shop Around Before You Renew Your Policy

For every single driver, car insurance is a legally-obligated necessity. Yet just exactly what you’re paying for and how you will be protected by...
getting a traffic tickets can cause insurance to rise

When Traffic Tickets Cause Insurance Premiums to Rise

A traffic ticket of any kind is bad enough—the extra money, the time spent in traffic court or diversion, the hassle. But perhaps the...

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