Tips for Saving on Insurance

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Can You Negotiate Car Insurance Prices?

Savvy shoppers are constantly brainstorming new ways to save on everything from groceries to major life expenses—and rightly so! Often a little coupon clipping or bargain...
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Veteran Discounts for Car Insurance

2,266,883. That's the number of troops currently serving at home and abroad in defense of this country. Today is Veteran's Day, a holiday established...

How to Lower Car Insurance for Young Drivers

When I turned sixteen, my father gave me the keys to a shiny blue 1998 Isuzu Rodeo—and the news that I'd have to pay...
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Does a Speeding Ticket Increase Insurance? A Zebra Original Data Report

It's a nightmare shared by every driver: You're cruising along, maybe in a bit of a hurry. You glance down at the speedometer, and...

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