Insurance Industry

insurance affordability study

Study: Find Out If Car Insurance Is “Affordable” Where You Live

A new insurance affordability study from the U.S. Federal Insurance Office reported that car insurance is “unaffordable” for about 10 percent of U.S. zip...
route-based insurance technology

How the Neighborhoods You Drive through Could Soon Affect Your Car Insurance

Ever put much thought into the series of highways and streets you take to work, school, or the grocery store? (Other than whether it’s...
car safety and anti-theft tech

Don’t Count on Anti-Theft Devices to Lower Your Insurance Rate – Here’s Why

We know that tech and automotive companies are racing to create increasingly connected, autonomous cars. In fact, many of us are already driving vehicles...
bruce springsteens voice insurance policies

The Strangest Insurance Policies We’ve Ever Heard Of

At The Zebra, insurance is our bread and butter. But in this enormous and complicated industry, there are lines of coverage and insurance policies...

The Future of Drones in the Insurance Industry

To some, they’re toys; to others, weapons. We’re still figuring out how drones fit into our lives as tools for observing, transporting, communicating… and...
car ads

From Joy Ride to Safety First: Car Ads Over the Past 50 Years

Advertisements for cars over the past 50 years reveal a lot about what people in the U.S. hold dear. In the 1960s, car sales...
state of auto insurance

Welcome to Data Heaven: Introducing The 2016 State of Auto Insurance Report

Drumroll please…Today, The Zebra introduces to you, fine readers, our first annual State of Auto Insurance Report!Did you ever wonder how much a speeding...
Flying drone in the sky

The Drones Are Coming

For the casual observer, drones still exist mostly at extreme ends of the spectrum: either they’re used for (controversial) warfare, or they’re used as...

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