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insurability score

Introducing the Insurability Score: Your Insurance Risk Decoder

Today, The Zebra debuted the Insurability Score™, a personalized calculation which reveals to drivers what is affecting their insurance risk, by how much, and...
September 2017 ZebraChat Twitter Chat

September #ZebraChat: Emergency Preparedness

September is National Preparedness Month. We’ve discussed why you can’t purchase car insurance or flood insurance before a hurricane. We’ve even put together a...
2018 scholarship

The Zebra “Show Off Your Stripes” 2018 Scholarship

UPDATE: This deadline for this scholarship has passed. A winner has been selected and notified by email. Everyone's different – and that’s a great thing!...
Understanding Your Credit Score | July #ZebraChat

July #ZebraChat: Understanding Your Credit Score

We’re all well aware that our credit is important. It can impact your interest rates, whether you qualify for a loan, and can even...
ZebraChat | Mid-Year Financial Checkup

June #ZebraChat: Mid-year Financial Checkup

Okay, we know most people aren’t thinking about New Year’s Resolutions this far along. In fact, 80% of people give up on their New...
woman researching buying a car

What Questions Do Insurance Agents Get Asked Most? (An Ask-iversary)

Howdy, folks! This week marks the one-year anniversary of The Zebra’s resource for all of your insurance questions: Ask an Agent. (Ahem, ASK-iversary.) I’m...
dad texts

Texts from Dads: Driving Advice Edition

What's the best driving advice you ever got from Dear Old Dad? A lot of us learned to drive with our dad in the passenger...
Budget-Friendly Road Trips | ZebraChat Recap

#ZebraChat Recap: Budget-Friendly Road Trips

School is wrapping up, temperatures are rising, and Memorial Day Weekend is fast approaching. All signs point to summer! What better to enjoy those...

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