there are ways you can frugal travel

The Last Travel List You’ll Ever Need: 150 Frugal Tips You Can Use Today

Travel can be expensive. Are you eager to save a little money on your next vacation, without sacrificing your enjoyment? Whether you’re traveling by...
city view of skyscrapers from below

City Living Made Affordable in 4 Steps

According to 2015 Census data, 63 percent of the U.S. population lives in cities, though they squeeze into just 3.5 percent of the land...
under water

What to Do When You Owe More on Your Car Than It’s Worth

First, a simple definition: a negative equity car loan—also referred to as being “upside down” or “underwater” on a loan—means you owe more on...
Vertical car lot

How to Shop for a Car

The search for a new car can feel overwhelming in the beginning—where to start, which services to use and trust, how much research to...
money in wallet

Your Quick & Painless Annual Financial Checkup: a How-to

Now that the onslaught of holiday travel, NYE parties, and resolution ruminations are a few weeks behind us, it’s time to set yourself up...
used car rusted

What to Look for When You Only Have Enough Cash to Buy a Clunker

Here at Quoted, we think a lot about car buying and selling—how to pay for them, how to make sure you’re getting the best...
driving point of view

Should You Buy, Finance, or Lease Your New Car?

Whether you’re finally in the market for your dream car, or your current ride is on its last legs and you have no choice...
deserted gas station

10 Places It’s Cheap to Own a Car Right Now

Quoted wondered: In which of our 50 beautiful states is it the least expensive to own a car? We combined the average yearly insurance...

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