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buying a car privately

Buying a Car Out of State: Do’s, Don’ts, and Paperwork You’ll Need

Here at Quoted, we’ve talked about buying and selling cars a lot, and we’ve detailed the various ways to pay for your vehicles, and...
car dealer fraud

Car Dealership Fraud: 9 Ways to Avoid These Shady Practices

Shopping for a new(-to-you) car can be exciting...or downright frustrating. Unless you’re looking to buy online, chances are you’ll be visiting a number of...
how to lease a car

Car Warranty vs. Insurance: Which You Need and When

Anyone who has ever owned a “lemon” (a car that’s a dud) knows how stressful and costly car repairs can be. But is it...
Is this the end of car ownership? | Man hailing Uber

Is This the End of Car Ownership?

For many, driving a car is a rite of passage. I remember counting down the days until I could walk into the DMV and...
labor day car sales 2018

Labor Day Car Sales 2018: Summer’s Last Hurrah

Often it seems that Labor Day comes when we need it the most. School is back in session, we’ve dropped our kiddos off on...
wells fargo forced insurance coverage

Can Your Bank Force You to Get Car Insurance?

Wells Fargo is now finding themselves in hot water over the recent reports that they charged over 570,000 customers for car insurance they didn’t...
leasing a car

What Are Your Options When Your Car Lease Ends?

Of course there are many reasons you might want to lease your car. Perhaps you like the idea of driving a new vehicle every...
clue report for home auto

CLUE Report: Why Does it Matter for Your Home and Auto Insurance?

When searching for an insurance policy, it’s important for consumers to do their due diligence and compare quotes before choosing the right insurance company....

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