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Are Connected Cars Safe?

At this point, there is no question that truly connected cars are in our immediate future. Some tech is already here; some is on...
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How Does a Recall Affect Car Insurance Rates?

On any given day, there are a number of horrifying statistics being bandied about the collective internet newsroom like a really, uncomfortably hot potato....
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What if Your Car Could Catch You Texting? GM Launches New Facial Recognition Tech

Picture this: You're driving home late at night, maybe you've been on the road for several hours. Your window is rolled down but you're...
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The Future of Car Safety

How better to prepare for the ambiguous future than with a specific plan in mind now? Automotive technology is changing at light-speed, and though...
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The Internet of Things for Cars: What Will it Mean for Insurance?

Imagine, for a moment, a world in which vending machines restock themselves. A world in which your wallet, via a Bluetooth signal, beeps at...

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