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avoid real estate scams

4 Real Estate Scams that Stump Even the Savviest Homebuyers

You’ve done your homework, worked with a qualified real estate agent, and feel like you’ve checked all the boxes (hah, literally) so you’re ready...
sinkholes and insurance

Get Smart about Sinkholes: Is Your Home Protected?

There are altogether too many unfortunate scenarios which might cause damage to your home and property, and your home insurance policy might not cover...
buying a house warning signs

5 Warning Signs to Look for When Buying a Home

Buying a home is an exciting time. When you walk into a house that feels just right, it's easy to get swept up in...
should you tip your movers

Should You Tip Your Movers? (and Other Tipping Etiquette for First-Time Homeowners)

When you’re buying a house for the first time, you may be surprised by how many different people you’ll work with in the course...

4 Home “Improvements” That Could Actually Reduce Your Home Value

Once you actually own a home, you’re free to make it into the space that’s perfect for you. It’s exciting to survey your new...
running with dog to learn about your neighborhood

5 Not-So-Obvious Ways to Learn about Your Neighborhood Before You Buy

Nobody wants to be surprised after buying a home to learn that the train nearby is super loud every morning or the neighborhood has...
buy a house for your family

6 Questions to Help You Consider If You Should Buy a House

Buying a home has often been treated as a financial rite of passage. Past generations have generally considered it a given that owning a...
home burglary

4 Steps to Take in the Immediate Aftermath of a Home Burglary

It’s everyone’s nightmare. You find out someone has broken into your home. You panic at the thought someone might want to hurt you, that...

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