Buying a Home

flooded pier managed retreats

Managed Retreats: Could They Save Coastal Cities from Environmental and Financial Ruin?

For many of us, a beachfront home with a view of the sea has often seemed a far-off dream or perhaps a luxury occasionally...
home maintenance

15 Preventative Home Maintenance Tips That Save You Money

No doubt there are plenty of benefits of owning your own home: freedom from rent and landlord rules, contributing to an investment, building a...

3 Big Tips for Garage Safety: Keeping Your Family, Home, and Car Safe

Garages protect your cars, motorized toys, sports equipment and even your grill (sans propane) during cold weather, but without proper garage safety many home...
connected home insurance

Is Your Connected Home Smart Enough to Cut Your Insurance Costs?

Google Home and Amazon Echo: voice-activated assistants making life easier and cozier for families everywhere (ahem, say those heart-warming commercials with fathers carrying sleeping...

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