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electric car charging station

How to Find the Electric Car Charging Station Closest to You

The benefits of going with an electric car seem obvious. You spend less on fuel. You get a tax credit. And it’s better for...
Electric Vehicle Prices Down - Nissan Leaf charging

Electric Vehicle Prices Down, But Americans May Not Be Ready to Dump the Pump

A recent Bloomberg article made a bold claim: By 2038, electric vehicles could make up to one-third of all vehicles across the globe. In...
green travel

Green Travel: How to Do It Right in 11 Steps

As the high-travel summer season kicks off, we'd like to refocus on the environment. In other words, how we can all make our travels...
green cars vs gas guzzlers

Green Cars vs. Gas Guzzlers: Which is More Affordable?

Alternative fuel-powered vehicles are coming into their own. For one thing, vehicles billed as “environmentally friendly” are no longer the purview of only the...
why i bought a nissan leaf

Why I Bought a Nissan Leaf

September 10-18 marks National Drive Electric Week, an effort to spread awareness of “all-electric and plug-in hybrid-electric cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more.” We increasingly...
car driving in foggy forest

Zero Emissions Does Not Mean Zero Environmental Impact

At Quoted, we love cars and driving and being on the go, but we also believe reducing the environmental impact of cars (and other...
Chocolate cupcakes with sprinkles

The 7 Most Unexpected Alternative Fuel Sources

We try to keep a pulse on all things green here at Quoted, and in honor of Earth Day, we’re taking a look at...
Green classic car at gas station

Green Car Shopping: Electric Vs. Fuel Cell Vehicles

Already considering "going green" for your next car? Fist bump to you, friend. Now comes the part where you have to choose the alternative...

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