Green Cars

Shopping for car in large car lot

What to Know When Shopping for an Electric Car

Whether you own or are shopping for an electric car or not, if you live in an area with a high density of electric...

Why Electric Cars Can Cause More Pollution Than Gas Cars

The promise of alternative fuels is big: they could reduce our dependence on foreign oil, contribute to green technologies, and best of all, we...
alternative fuel

Gasoline-Based Cars Are on Their Way Out

As long as automobiles have existed, fuel sources besides gasoline have also existed. In fact, the first automobiles were steam powered, and electric cars...
apple car

Apple Plans to Roll Out Electric Car by 2019

In February of this year, The Wall Street Journal began teasing exciting new developments at Apple. The WSJ’s sources (who remain unnamed) stated that...
algae on water

New Research: Algae Can Fuel Your Car and Clean the Atmosphere

We know we won’t always pull up to the gas pump and fill our vehicle’s tanks with fossil fuels—for one, they’re a finite resource,...
green car charging station

Will Cheap Gas Derail the Green Car Movement?

Cheap gas changes the American economy profoundly. It can make a suburban house more valuable and lead to sizeable layoffs in related industries, which...
scenic drive

Navigating Sustainable Driving: Buy Green, Save Green

Sure, we’ve all heard that sustainable driving has its perks—and maybe it’s even a little trendy. But did you know that sales in electric...
gas station route 66

How Fuel Economy has Changed in America: An Infographic

There's perhaps no pain more precise and incremental than the pain of watching each penny tick upward at the gas pump. That's why we...

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