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Metromile and Uber: An Insurance Solution?

We've written about Metromile and we've written about the insurance gap for rideshare drivers, but this week brought an interesting development that binds the...
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Are Uber and Lyft Safe: Distraction Among Drivers

At Quoted, we often find ourselves talking about distracted driving—its root causes, its possible solutions, and its devasting effects. But one thing we've not...
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Ridesharing and Car Insurance: A Little White Lie?

When Harry Campbell first decided to supplement his 9 - 5 (as an aerospace engineer) by driving for Uber and Lyft, it was the...
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2014: The Year of Ridesharing Infographic

A 708 percent increase in media mentions in one year. 1.1 million rides requested per week. These ridesharing statistics for 2014 found the entire...
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New App Promises Protection from Uber Surge Pricing

Truth is, this hasn't been Uber's best week, PR-wise. Between questions about its business practices and concerns about data and privacy, the company is...
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Is Uber Surge Pricing Fair?

This Halloween night, a woman I've never met named Gabrielle Wathen and I had similar problems. She was celebrating her 26th birthday; I merely...
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SheRides: Ridesharing for Women

As a college student, ridesharing is kind of a big deal. Often cheaper than cabs, companies like Uber, Lyft, and Sidecar could potentially do...
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Does Ridesharing Reduce DUIs?

Say you're at a bar with a few friends, and that last Manhattan or brew hits you just a bit harder than you expected....

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