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what's the best gift for new teen drivers

Practical Gifts for New Teen Drivers

Gifts for teens are tricky enough already: you want to find a balance between what they need and what they want, not spoil them, and even give...
Pregnant woman in sweater

Can Pregnant Women Drive?

Pregnant women face a long list of things they can’t (or shouldn’t) do. Many everyday things from certain food and drink to baths to...
Teenage girl on street with headphones

Safe Teen Driving: When It’s Actually Good to Be a Helicopter Parent

Last month, The New York Times endorsed a widely ridiculed and mocked parenting trend: helicopter parenting. But before anxious parents dust off their helicopter...
Golden retriever puppy in car

Bow-OW! Do You Need Car Insurance for Your Pet?

Many pet owners frequently drive with their animals, and while we might know the safest ways for pets to travel in vehicles, crates and...
Teen sitting on wall by river wondering when you drop your kid from your insurance

When to Drop Your Child from Your Insurance Policy

Every parent dreams of the day their kids graduate from school, move into their own homes, make their ways in the world… and you...
Finding love in Lyft and Uber

Love in the Lyft Line

Dan Nainan met his current love, Amy, during a shared uberPOOL to the San Francisco airport this past summer when the two struck up...
Uber for seniors: uber & lyft handicap accessibility

Uber & lyft Handicap Accessibility: How It Helps Get Gramps to the Doc

Ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft are seemingly everywhere. They’re beginning to make headway in small towns across the U.S. and beyond, and even...
safer cars have lower insurance

The Ultimate Power Ranking of 2016 Minivans

If there’s one word that comes to mind when we think “minivan,” it’s “family.” And why not? Minivans are famously safe, convenient people-haulers. Traditionally...

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