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dollar bill close up
Customer loyalty incentives are widespread and often lucrative: heck, my sister gets enough reward dollars from her Banana Republic Visa to shop her way to a new wardrobe every few months, free of charge. But customer loyalty doesn’t always pay: Specifically, keeping your dollars with the same car insurance company for years can cost a lot more—hundreds per year.Think...
Our automatic review discusses the check engine light
I'm sure you've seen the commercials. Let an insurance company stick a tracking unit in your car to measure your driving and potentially save on insurance rates. While saving money always sounds attractive, I wasn't sure I was ready to give that much data away without first testing it myself.Enter Automatic, a new hardware and smartphone app combo that...
Louis C.K. head shot
By now, you know Louis C.K. drops serious truth bombs as often as as he does gut-busting punchlines. His argument against texting and driving is a surprisingly nuanced—and brilliant—addition to the conversation.
simulated teens texting and driving
You already know it's dangerous, but you have to see these stats broken down to understand how truly terrifying this trend is.

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