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Car Insurance Policy Add-Ons: Which to Grab and Which to Ditch

Sifting through car insurance policy add-ons can be confusing and stressful. Which ones should you say yes to? Will you be irresponsible for saying...
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Are Car Alarms Actually Helpful?

When you hear the 125 decible jet-engine level bleating of a car alarm, do you race to the phone to call the authorities, or...
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Five Signs You’re too Tired to Drive

We’ve all been there: pushing through those last few miles on a long trip, or driving home after a late shift yawning all the...
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Road Rage + Your Insurance

A few weeks ago, an Oklahoma man tried to change lanes in front of what he reports as "the wrong person." Filled with anger,...
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What to Pack in Your Car’s Emergency Kit

Americans spend an average of 20 hours in their cars and drive more than 200 miles each week. That’s an awfully lot of time...
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Honk For Help: The Roadside Assistance Startup

Spring break is right around the corner ladies and gentlemen, and we all know what that means. Beaches, concerts—and road trips. So, let's say...
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8 Tips for Driving Through a Winter Storm (with GIFs)

Winter Storm Juno is bearing down on seven states in the Northeast as we speak in a way that looks a little something like...
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How to Hack Your New Year’s Eve Driving Dilemma

There's nothing that can dampen a festive New Year's Eve soiree like the knowledge that either a.) you can't have a few drinks because...

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