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digital insurance card on iphone

Digital Insurance Cards: Which States Accept Them?

You probably already take care of your banking errands on your phone (thanks, mobile check deposits!). You may have shown a TSA agent a...
Crossing the US - Mexico border to Tijuana

Mexico Insurance: What Is It and What Companies Offer It?

Your U.S. driver’s license is valid nearly anywhere in the world you might find yourself driving. However, car insurance policies don’t translate quite as...
can i use bitcoin

Can I Pay My Car Insurance with Bitcoin?

Unless you’re a whiz of the finance or technology variety, the concept of Bitcoin might still be mostly relegated to the outer edges of...
route-based insurance technology

How the Neighborhoods You Drive through Could Soon Affect Your Car Insurance

Ever put much thought into the series of highways and streets you take to work, school, or the grocery store? (Other than whether it’s...
airbnb insurance

5 Insurance Tips You Need to Know before Renting Your Home on Airbnb

The sharing economy is currently worth about $26 billion and grows bigger each day. Even with regulations meant to curb short-term home rentals (like...
bruce springsteens voice insurance policies

The Strangest Insurance Policies We’ve Ever Heard Of

At The Zebra, insurance is our bread and butter. But in this enormous and complicated industry, there are lines of coverage and insurance policies...
telematics monitors speed

Telematics: Myth Vs. Reality

Most drivers have at least heard of telematics -- even if they have no clue what utility or benefit telematics might bring them. But as...
know before you get insurance

You Blink, You Pay? The Latest in Biometrics for Auto Insurance

A once-fictional technology seemingly used by the likes of James Bond might soon be a feature in a car near you. Biometrics, which refer...

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