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are school buses safe

Are School Buses Even Safe?

Each day, parents of 25 million American children watch them board a big yellow school bus. That’s more than half of America’s schoolchildren. And...
regular driving tests

Should the Government Require Regular Driving Tests?

 Most drivers in the U.S. seek their driver’s licenses at a young age. In teens’ minds, driving means freedom, so they can’t wait to...
pulled over showing driver's license

Driver’s License Points: Do They Matter?

In the world of traffic law and auto insurance, points are universally a bad thing. Instead of helping you win (like in sports), think...
how to save on car insurance

50 Research-Based Tips to Save on Car Insurance

Finding the right car insurance can be frustrating and complex -- no thanks to varying state coverage requirements and overhyped advertising. We at The...
Tesla Model 3

Answering Every FAQ About Driverless Cars

Driverless cars—also called an autonomous vehicles—are all over the news. Although we keep hearing about them, there's still tons of confusion over what exactly is a...
Green classic car at gas station

Green Car Shopping: Electric Vs. Fuel Cell Vehicles

Already considering "going green" for your next car? Fist bump to you, friend. Now comes the part where you have to choose the alternative...
Golden retriever puppy in car

Bow-OW! Do You Need Car Insurance for Your Pet?

Many pet owners frequently drive with their animals, and while we might know the safest ways for pets to travel in vehicles, crates and...
Snowy road in the country

Can Driverless Cars Handle the Elements?

Human drivers have enough trouble in bad weather: we need to look no further than the most recent massive winter storm–Jonas, this past January–for...

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