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The Absurd Spectrum of Auto Insurance Fraud

Far from a victimless crime perpetuated against bloated corporations, insurance fraud reaches into the lives of everyday citizens. It costs the industry more than $50 billion...
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When Does a Little White Lie Become Insurance Fraud?

In the U.S., drivers are legally required to carry auto insurance. (Even in New Hampshire, the only state where drivers can technically forgo auto...
are you made of money? auto insurance rates rise

Why Your Auto Insurance Rates Could Be Rising This Year

Rate increase? Click to find the cheapest rates on car insurance → Lower gas prices = more road traffic = more car crashes = more...
magnifying glass and insurance quotes show transparency in car insurance pricing

Editorial: A Need for Transparency in Car Insurance

By Alyssa Connolly, The ZebraWe have exciting news on The Zebra front! Today we announced that we closed $17 million in Series A funding,...
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Will Insurance Companies Turn to Social Media to Assess Your Risk?

In the week following October 10, a story of law enforcement cracking down on a drunk driver spread quickly across news sites and Facebook...
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Move Over Millennials: The Auto Industry is Interested in Your Grandparents

The defining characteristics of the 80 million young people currently between the ages 18 and 34 has been much debated. In the haze of...
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Drive Less, Pay Less? The Truth About Mileage and Car Insurance

Driving fewer miles can mean insurance premium savings—for some people with some insurance carriers. So how much less must you drive to see a...
what does Car Insurance for Undocumented Citizens look like?

Are 1 in 7 Drivers Forced to Drive Illegally?

Purchasing car insurance: for US citizens, it’s often a rather mundane chore—something that whittles away at disposable income, but without which we would be...

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