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Car Insurance Scams: Are You A Target?

Sometimes things aren’t what they seem at the scene of a car crash, or even on the repair shop floor. Sometimes, accidents aren’t truly...
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Insurance Telematics USA 2015: A Conference Looking to the Future

Pop quiz: What's the largest potential technological disrupter of the car insurance industry? (Besides The Zebra, of course.) Answer: telematics. We've written extensively on...
getting a traffic tickets can cause insurance to rise

When Traffic Tickets Cause Insurance Premiums to Rise

A traffic ticket of any kind is bad enough—the extra money, the time spent in traffic court or diversion, the hassle. But perhaps the...
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Could Your Voting Record Affect Your Car Insurance Rates?

Anyone who’s ever searched for an auto insurance company knows by the questions they’re asked—plentiful and at times personal—that a lot of factors go...
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Should Price Optimization Be Illegal?

If you haven’t had a car accident or made an insurance claim recently, you probably only think about your car insurance policy for a...
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This Guy Could Revolutionize Insurance Company Reviews

You just can't try insurance before you buy it—not really. You can read car insurance company reviews via some online digging, but a.) they're...

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