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Straight road through the great plains of Idaho

The Zebra Tour Guide Scholarship Winner

The Zebra is thrilled to announce the winner of our second annual scholarship. This year, we asked college-bound students to send videos of their...
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The Zebra Tour Guide Scholarship

At The Zebra, we know better than most just what a pain buying car insurance can be. We also know that students suffer from...
air conditioner in car

How to Survive This Summer Without Your Car’s A/C

If you’ve ever driven down an endless stretch of interstate and heard the last bubbling cries of a dying air conditioner and needed a...
summer car maintenance lets you go to the beach

How to Get Your Car Ready for Summer

There’s nothing like a road trip to get you and your companions excited about the summer season. But before you take to the open...
man fishing near campfire

Car Camping: Your Best Vacation Yet

Summer is finally—finally—close enough to touch and we can’t wait to kick off a season of fun in the sun with one of our...
student in library

Car Insurance for College Students: Saving 101

Labor Day is over, your pencils are sharpened, and lying poolside is just a memory: That’s right, it’s officially back-to-school season. Many student drivers,...
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The 10 Most Car-Friendly Colleges in the U.S.

As we’ve detailed before, and as any driver already knows, car ownership is expensive. The annual cost to own and operate a vehicle has...
Summer Field

Our Summer Storm Survival Guide

Mother Nature is known for being extremely unpredictable, so it shouldn't come as too big of a surprise when a heavy storm hits in...

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