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The Top 10 Most Stolen Cars of 2013

It's a dubious list on which to earn a spot: Every year, the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) calculates the top 10 most stolen...
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Speeding Ticket Facts

The very first speeding ticket was awarded to a lead-footed New York City taxi driver on May 20, 1899, just about 115 years ago....
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Does a Speeding Ticket Increase Insurance? A Zebra Original Data Report

It's a nightmare shared by every driver: You're cruising along, maybe in a bit of a hurry. You glance down at the speedometer, and...
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7 Scientific Reasons We Text & Drive and 3 Practical Solutions for Quitting

It was part of Dr. Gregory Gass’s job to be on call for his patients—and staff—24/7. A pyschiatrist at an in-patient facility in Tennessee,...

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