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couple driving together

How Do Car Insurance Companies Determine Rates?

If you’re one of the 250 million drivers in the United States, you’re required by law to have car insurance. And whether you’ve shopped...
seniors old married couple

Car Insurance for Seniors

Some senior stats for you: By 2030, one in five Americans will be over 65. The first of the baby boomers, the generation born...
Crossing the US - Mexico border to Tijuana

Mexico Insurance: What Is It and What Companies Offer It?

Your U.S. driver’s license is valid nearly anywhere in the world you might find yourself driving. However, car insurance policies don’t translate quite as...
can i use bitcoin

Can I Pay My Car Insurance with Bitcoin?

Unless you’re a whiz of the finance or technology variety, the concept of Bitcoin might still be mostly relegated to the outer edges of...
Car recalls many cars on road

Another Car Recall? 5 Things for Every Driver to Consider

Does it seem to you that the news announces another car recall just about every other day? Or perhaps you’re confident in your own...
Uninsured driver car in sunset

What to Do When You Get in a Crash with an Uninsured Driver

Auto insurance is compulsory in every U.S. state except New Hampshire, and motorists must carry their state’s minimum requirements to legally drive a vehicle....
Detroit Hosts Annual North American International Auto Show

The NAIAS: Auto Show or Beauty Pageant?

One trend stood out during reporting on this year’s North American International Auto Show (also known as the Detroit Auto Show), held in Detroit...
some of the best apps for car crashes can call an abulance

The Best Apps for Car Crashes and Emergencies

If you’ve ever been involved in a car crash, you know how difficult it can be to remember each detail of protocol: the information...

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