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artificial intelligence and the insurance industry

How to File a Car Insurance Claim: Steps, Timing, and Costs to Expect

You get in an accident or your car is pummeled with hail. You need to figure out how to get your car fixed and...
wildfires in southern california

How to Protect Yourself and Your Home Against Wildfires

Ever used the expression “spread like wildfire?” Fire is an incredible force of nature, and while it has its uses (light and heat are...
home burglary

4 Steps to Take in the Immediate Aftermath of a Home Burglary

It’s everyone’s nightmare. You find out someone has broken into your home. You panic at the thought someone might want to hurt you, that...
religious exemptions for car insurance

Religious Exemptions for Car Insurance: Are They Legal?

In nearly every conceivable scenario, if you’re driving around in a motor vehicle, there is no reason why you should not have some level...
street flood car: you've gotta be sure car insurance covers flood damage

Does Your Car Insurance Policy Cover Flooding?

If you don’t live in a flood plain, making sure your car insurance covers flood damage might be low on your to-do list. But...
dog fight

What All Pet Owners Need to Know about Dog Fights and Dog Bites

We’ve talked about how your dog can affect your homeowners and renters insurance, and it largely has to do with dog fights and dog...
clue report for home auto

CLUE Report: Why Does it Matter for Your Home and Auto Insurance?

When searching for an insurance policy, it’s important for consumers to do their due diligence and compare quotes before choosing the right insurance company....
kids on trampoline

4 Things You Own That Can Get You Dropped from Your Insurance Company

The relationship you have with your home or renters insurance company is fundamentally an exchange of responsibility and premium. In the simplest of terms,...

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