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future of the auto mechanic

The Future of the Auto Mechanic is… Clean

As it turns out, “getting your hands dirty” might end up being just an expression for auto mechanics in the near future. In a...
are school buses safe

Are School Buses Even Safe?

Each day, parents of 25 million American children watch them board a big yellow school bus. That’s more than half of America’s schoolchildren. And...
classic car museums

7 Can’t-Miss Car Museums Across the U.S.

Admiring automobiles is a classic American pastime: In fact, there are more than 100 museums dedicated to cars in the U.S., and car shows...
driverless emergency vehicles

Forget Cars – Would You Ever Trust a Driverless Ambulance?

Not long after this spring’s controversy when a Florida man died while his Tesla’s autopilot feature was in use, a man in Missouri claimed...

No Car, No Problem: Short Commute Alternatives

Most working-aged adults commute to work each day, and many students also share the daily commuting grind. Most Americans rely on either private cars...
lemon laws

Help, My Car is a Lemon!

You’ve probably heard of “lemons” as the term pertains to cars, but the details of consumer protections and lemon laws — and what to...
car accident | defining fault in insurance

Who’s to Blame? Defining “Fault” in an Insurance Scenario

To the uninitiated, fault sounds easy enough: it ought to be assigned to the perpetrator of a crash, right? And insurance payments should flow...
dogs don't want a hot car death!

Kids and Pets Left in Hot Cars: What Can You Do?

The interior temperature of a parked car sitting in the sun on a 78-degree day can reach 120 degrees in minutes, and on a...

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