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one of our many ridesharing hacks: get to the airport

Ridesharing Hacks: How to Uber at the Airport

Arriving at the airport: one part excitement, one part did-I-remember-everything jitters, and five parts how-do-I-get-to-my-final-destination hassle (if you travel frequently, we accept your argument...
dangerous road

The Danger of Trusting Your GPS

If you use GPS regularly while driving, perhaps you’ve had fleeting “what if” thoughts—what if there’s a glitch and you’re sent miles and miles...
car repair

Hit and Runs: What You Need To Know

Some traffic incidents cause heart pounding reactions, like stolen cars, car accidents, and near-misses, but unsurprisingly, hit-and-runs can be one of the most upsetting.When...
steering wheel driving

Drive Less, Pay Less? The Truth About Mileage and Car Insurance

Driving fewer miles can mean insurance premium savings—for some people with some insurance carriers. So how much less must you drive to see a...
what does Car Insurance for Undocumented Citizens look like?

How to Get Car Insurance for Undocumented Citizens

Purchasing car insurance: for US citizens, it’s often a rather mundane chore—something that whittles away at disposable income, but without which we would be...
Road Trip

How to Plan the Perfect Road Trip

Part of the allure of a road trip is making spontaneous stops, and even detours. Never seen the World’s Largest Can of Spinach? In...
car and skyline

Metromile and Uber: An Insurance Solution?

We've written about Metromile and we've written about the insurance gap for rideshare drivers, but this week brought an interesting development that binds the...
metromile iphone

Metromile: Pay-As-You-Drive Insurance

Insurance innovation alert: What if you could pay an insurance rate based only on the actual miles you drive each year, as opposed to...

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