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insurance awareness

Survey: Americans in the Dark about Car Insurance

“What you don’t know can’t hurt you...”... is an entirely false statement in the world of auto insurance.Car insurance is essential, and not...
friends in car of ridesharing statistics

2014: The Year of Ridesharing Infographic

A 708 percent increase in media mentions in one year. 1.1 million rides requested per week. These ridesharing statistics for 2014 found the entire...
gas station route 66

How Fuel Economy has Changed in America: An Infographic

There's perhaps no pain more precise and incremental than the pain of watching each penny tick upward at the gas pump. That's why we...
freeway traffic

Infographic: What Actually Causes Traffic Jams

Ah, traffic. The unfortunate consequence of the glorious machines that allow us to traverse distances our ancestors would've thought unimaginable without even breaking a...
freeway empty

Infographic: Labor Day Travel 2014

Impossible as it is to believe, Labor Day weekend 2014 is already here. Time to pack up your white jeans, tuck away your swimming...
car wreck warning sign

Uninsured Motorist Coverage: Do You Need It?

According to experts, roughly one in seven drivers on the road right now is uninsured. A little perspective on that number: The current unemployment...

How This Zebra Got its Stripes

The Zebra's CEO and founder Adam Lyons recently spoke with The Huffington Post for a piece called 4 Ways to Architect an Iconic Brand....
simulated teens texting and driving

Infographic: Driving While Intexticated

You already know it's dangerous, but you have to see these stats broken down to understand how truly terrifying this trend is.

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