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Welcome to Data Heaven: Introducing The 2016 State of Auto Insurance Report

Drumroll please…Today, The Zebra introduces to you, fine readers, our first annual State of Auto Insurance Report!Did you ever wonder how much a speeding...
car insurance agent

Introducing ‘Ask an Agent’ for Auto Insurance Advice On Demand

Hi, I’m Neil, a licensed insurance agent and the resident insurance advisor here at The Zebra! I’ve worked in insurance for years, helping tens...
sailor's knot

Secrets of the Bundle: When Can You Save by Combining Insurance Policies?

Nothing can make even the savviest of consumers’ eyes glaze over quite like the phrase “insurance bundling.” And we get it—insurance products and policy...
Golden retriever puppy in car

Bow-OW! Do You Need Car Insurance for Your Pet?

Many pet owners frequently drive with their animals, and while we might know the safest ways for pets to travel in vehicles, crates and...
when you graduate, its time to switch car insurance companies

6 Times to Switch Car Insurance Companies

Do you know when you should switch car insurance companies? The New Year prompts reflection and, for many of us, offers the opportunity for a...

Quoted’s Car Insurance Buying Guide

It’s a fact of life that might elicit a groan or two: Everyone must purchase car insurance to drive legally. No car insurance policy...
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Top 5 Reasons to Shop Around Before You Renew Your Policy

For every single driver, car insurance is a legally-obligated necessity. Yet just exactly what you’re paying for and how you will be protected by...
how to lease a car

Breaking Down Insurance Deductibles

First, let’s start with the basics: a car insurance deductible is the amount of money the policyholder must pony up before their carrier will...

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