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sinkholes and insurance

Get Smart about Sinkholes: Is Your Home Protected?

There are altogether too many unfortunate scenarios which might cause damage to your home and property, and your home insurance policy might not cover...
marijuana and driving

What You Need to Know about Getting High and Driving in 2017

Marijuana legalization in the U.S. is constantly evolving, and states continue to modify their own legislation on their own timelines. In order for us...

No Car, No Problem: Short Commute Alternatives

Most working-aged adults commute to work each day, and many students also share the daily commuting grind. Most Americans rely on either private cars...
car accident | defining fault in insurance

Who’s to Blame? Defining “Fault” in an Insurance Scenario

To the uninitiated, fault sounds easy enough: it ought to be assigned to the perpetrator of a crash, right? And insurance payments should flow...
Golden retriever puppy in car

Bow-OW! Do You Need Car Insurance for Your Pet?

Many pet owners frequently drive with their animals, and while we might know the safest ways for pets to travel in vehicles, crates and...
PIP insurance

What is PIP Insurance and Do You Really Need It?

Commonly called PIP for short, personal injury protection insurance protects you against—you guessed it—personal injury. If you get in an accident, no matter who...

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